Easily share course content with anyone, anywhere.

Share lectures, documents, and assignments with your students in one central location.




Open Courses





Video Calls


Course Creation

Intuitively create and edit courses in "module" units, with direct file uploads, links, and embeds.

Member Management

Block and enroll students, add assistant teachers, and view each student's progress through the course.

Unlimited Calls

Enjoy infinite video calling, screen sharing, and video room creation with unlimited participant size.

For Students

Learn in a streamlined manner, by navigating your course linearly, filtering based on topic or content type. Enroll in as many courses as you want, at the same time. And browse our library of free, open courses, served by a generous community of teachers and other students around the world.

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For Teachers

Organize what you teach into modules, and create videos, documents, assessments, and audio lectures, and embed them through direct file uploads, Google Drive, YouTube, or some other link. Modulus supports unlimited course creation, so feel free to teach as many courses as you want, with as many assistant teachers as you want. And view, remove, and invite students intuitively and seamlessly.

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For Organizations

Publish your school club or nonprofit's educational resources all in one central location, and manage students and teachers, as well as edit your course, from a simple graphical interface. Plus, get steep group discounts, and custom site platforms tailored for your organization, like this, to attract students and build a brand out of your education.
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Modulus ❤ Open Source

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Modulus is built on open source code,
fully available to the world under the MIT License.

View our Github Repo.

Modulus Mars has been released!

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Affordable Pricing for All

As a student, enrolling in courses and learning is completely free.
And for teachers and tutors, our platform costs only $4.99 a month.


For students.


  • Unlimited Course Enrollment
  • Join Class Video Calls
  • Unable to create courses
  • Unable to start video calls


For tutors.


  • All Free Features
  • Unlimited Course Creation
  • Start class video calls
  • Total course management


For clients.


  • All Teacher Features
  • Custom discounts
  • Customer Support
  • Group Payments